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UNAwheel Mini

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UNAwheel Mini

UNAwheel Mini is a revolutionary wheelchair device, being your personal Universal Assistant and guide to high-speed movement at the same time.

The UNAwheel Mini is a Power Assist add-on for manual wheelchair users that turns their manual wheelchair into a powered device with simplicity, style and attractiveness. The quick and easy mounting port allows users to attach and detach the device right from a seated position on their chair without even having to get up out of your chair for any reason. Attach and detach in 2 simple move and your ready to drive.

Being the lightest and most portable Power Assist add-on on the market it is leaps and bounds above all other devices on the market. The device itself has the capability to attach to both Rigid (Active version) and Folding (Basic Version) wheelchairs.

UNAwheel Mini Active Model is an additional $300.00

The UNAwheel Mini comes with a convenient carry case and meets all Air Transportation Requirements so you can take it just about anywhere.

Technical Specifications
Total weight: 11.7 lbs. (5.3 kg)
Length: 33.46 lbs. (85 cm)
Wheel diameter: 6” (15.24 cm)
Foldable handlebar: Consists of two pieces that can be easily detached and put into fancy travel bag
Motor: 24V 250W brushless, direct
Pneumatic tubeless puncture proof tire Dual Suspension
Built-in-Battery: Li-ion 6.4 Ah 153.6 Wh
Built-in-Controller: 24V 250W
Range: Up to: 15 mi. (15 km*)
*Depending on the ground surface, the weight of the person, temperature and terrain
Three speed modes 1st (up to 3 mph, 6 km – for public roads), 2nd (up to 10 mph, 16 km/h – for private territory), reverse mode (up to 3 mph, 6 km/h)
Central Positioning Mechanism – Central Positioning Mechanism allows hands-free driving and makes you feel safe every second of your driving session
Electronic Braking System
Climbing capability: Up to 14 %
Maximum load: Max. 100 kg
Digital LCD-display: Provides all data you may need during your trip – current speed and speed mode, charge level, total travel time, etc.
Diode lantern in the front for night time trips.
Alternative Mobility is the Exclusive Distributor in California USA for the UNAwheel Mini.

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