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Invacare Top End Force RX Handcycle with H1-2 Options

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The Invacare Top End Force RX Handcycle delivers hypersonic speed in a lightweight, adjustable and sleek aerodynamic package also offers H1-2 options for those with limited hand function.


uadGrips hand pedals with wrist shifting combined with our dual elbow activated braking and double tap components help quadriplegic athletes with limited hand function be able to compete in H1 or H2 divisions. These great handpedals were designed by James Watson, a quadriplegic, who founded his company named, to help others like himself compete at the highest level and ability.

If you have your own special handpedals or prefer our quad cuff handpedals, the Double Tap frame mounted shifter is positioned so that the right shifter operates lower derailleur and combined with our elbow activated brakes and you are good to stop and go. A disk brake is included for added safety and “stoppability” on the Force RX Handcycle.

The quad cuff power plate handpedals feature an adjustable quad cuff to accommodate various hand sizes and positions. There is a detachable hook and loop strap that fastens to the quad cuff for extra security. The lower power plate will help you power through your stroke on the downstroke and the upper power plate will do the same on the upstroke. Most athletes customize their handpedals once they start riding by adding bicycle handlebar tape to optimize their pedal power.

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Weight Capacity: 250 lb. / approx. 113 kg.

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