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Blumil GO


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First of all, the Blumil Go is extremely easy to use. You stay seated in your own wheelchair. Approach the Blumil GO, press one button and connect to an electric power add on. This will convert your manual wheelchair into an electric handbike. Arrive at your destination and leave the Blumil GO. It is that simple.

Light and compact

It only weighs 13 kg, INCLUDING the battery. There are NO additional parts that you need to install on your wheelchair. The complete system that connects to your wheelchair in 5 seconds is that light.


The possibility of easy transport is a key feature for Blumil users. For this reason, we made sure that Blumil GO would have a really compact size. To fold it, just press one button. Take it anywhere with you.

Removable battery

Enjoy a range of approximately 30 km per charge, thanks to a reliable 280 Wh LG battery. You can easily remove it and take it with you. You can charge it on the go and it additionally has a USB outlet so you can charge all your mobile devices. You have the biggest power bank ever!

Great for quadriplegics

Blumil GO is so easy to use, drive, connect and set up. So it can be easily used, without any adaptations, by people having problems with their hands. Starting from the connecting process, which is done by just a touch of a button to driving. The throttle and brake are just 2 easy to push levers.


The Blumil GO has 3 speed modes. Choose whichever you feel comfortable with. With the standard mode the top speed is 10 km/h. It’s great when you are starting to learn how to drive. This can be increased to 16 km/h.. This allows for swiftly moving around the city and is great day to day. For people that love an adrenaline rush there is a TURBO mode. Go as fast as 30 km/h. Race with any bike out there, just be careful. This is for expert drivers!

Built in lights

There are two sets of lights at your disposal. The ambient light turns on automatically as you turn the Blumil GO on. This makes you visible to others in any conditions. Additionally you can switch on headlights, when you need extra light at night.

Fits rigid frame wheelchairs

BLUMIL GO was designed especially for rigid frame wheelchairs. It should easily fit all rigid frame wheelchairs from the most popular manufacturers like: Panthera, Kuschal, Invacare, Meyra, Progeo and more. Please note that it will not fit folding wheelchairs.


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